Darwin Darwin Fish Darwin Fish:
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Darwin Fish and the Pistol-Packing Cult Known as "A True Church"

by Phil Johnson (phil@spurgeon.org)
Updated May 2018

A note from Phil Johnson: I've removed my files on the "A True Church" cult because I have not been able to keep up with recent sweeping changes that have affected that group. One of the group's key founding members, Al Soto (who was mentioned on almost every page of my original exposé) left the group a few years ago, repented of his involvement there, and is pursuing discipleship in a Bible-believing church. I didn't think it fair to keep polemical material online in perpetuity, attributing to Mr. Soto positions he has long since renounced. I praise the Lord for the Soto family's deliverance from the cult.
     My understanding is that Darwin Fish's authority as the group's teacher diminished when one of his daughters abandoned "the faith." It's been difficult since then to get definitive information about what's happening in the group and what they teach. They went through a period of political activism but seem even to have backed away from that.
     Those interested in reading my critiques for whatever reason will be able to find them at the Internet Archive. But since it's impossible for me to keep up with the group, I'm removing those documents from being actively linked on the Internet. Please continue to pray that more individuals and families who have been spiritually confused, led astray, and even permanently damaged by this cult will find true redemption through the simple gospel of Jesus Christ.